the linen god

The Reluctant Disciple

Now Available!     Ryan Kates is a paranormal expert, TV host, and skeptic. He hosts News4th, a nationally syndicated cable TV show focused on UFOs, ghosts, and everything that goes bump in the night. Ryan is used to dealing with the weird and unexplainable, but when bizarre paranormal phenomena rock his world along with the …

Blood Sisters

Libby is one of two identical twin daughters born to Nicholas and Marilyn Meeker—at least she was until her sister Melissa died almost one year ago. Or did she? DNA testing wasn’t performed on her sister’s remains after the tragic accident aboard a Navy destroyer, and Libby’s parents have been plagued in recent weeks by …

A Thin Place

Global espionage, leading-edge science, and Christian faith collide in a thriller coming in late 2020.