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The Reluctant Disciple

Agnostic Ryan Kates is the host of a popular TV talk show focused on UFOs, ghosts, and anything that might prickle the tiny hairs on the back of his viewer’s necks. But when a global surge in paranormal phenomena and the resulting political fallout pushes the world to the brink of war, it transforms his late night entertainment into headline news and Ryan into worldwide media prominence.

Xander Sayed is the Arab League’s ambassador to the United Nations and a worldwide hero when he negotiates the impossible in the midst of the global crisis—a miraculous peace treaty in the Middle East. But Sayed ascends from hero to god when he performs incredible miracles during a televised U.N. speech seen around the world, and follows it with audacious claims that stretch the limits of believability.

When their paths intersect, it results in a dramatic confrontation between good and evil on the world stage…with stakes far greater than life or death.



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