Lunch in Ferguson, MO today!

YES….I had lunch with my daughter today in a small town very close to where I grew up in the north St. Louis suburbs.Ferguson, MO was a nice town then, and is a nice town today…….except for the fact that it is being held hostage by dozens of out-of-town “activists” with their own personal agendas

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, looters that aren’t even from Ferguson, and a horde of press that would boggle the mind….”journalists” who, in some cases, are making a bad situation worse with coverage that does not accurately reflect the situation.

As a father, I’m very sad for this young man’s parents, I can only imagine their sense of loss. But I also feel compassion for so many others impacted by these tragic events, not the least of which are the residents nearby who can’t get to their late night jobs because of all the craziness…..some who risk losing those jobs as a result. Or the kids who haven’t been able to start their school year. Or the merchants whose businesses are virtually shut down.

All because of an unprovoked shooting by a white police officer of an unarmed black man……which may or may not have happened. But I digress…..
New evidence (witnesses & medical) is suggesting the officer may have been under attack. However , even if this is the case and the officer is innocent, the Ferguson incident has uncovered a simmering distrust between the African American residents of Ferguson and its police department.
I pray justice is served and civic leaders step up to address the real issue in my home town.

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