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“Risen” movie

“Risen”, a major motion picture starring Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton , follows the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection as told through the eyes of a non-believer. Clavius, a powerful Roman Military Tribune, and his aide Lucius, are tasked with solving the mystery of what happened to Jesus in the weeks following the crucifixion, …

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Turin Shroud on Display!

A very rare exposition of the Shroud of Turin begins this weekend at St. John’s chapel in Turin, Italy. For more detail, check out the link below.      

KTRS interview

Thanks to host Paul Brown and KTRS Radio for the opportunity to discuss my novel addressing the mysteries of The Shroud of Turin, “The Linen God”. Check it out! PODCAST 10PM LC-USA 02/06/15  

Lunch in Ferguson, MO today!

YES….I had lunch with my daughter today in a small town very close to where I grew up in the north St. Louis suburbs.Ferguson, MO was a nice town then, and is a nice town today…….except for the fact that it is being held hostage by dozens of out-of-town “activists” with their own personal agendas, …

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The Tuscany Prize

My newest book, “Wildest Dreams” is up for the “Top Novel of 2014”. Check out the link below:      

Google Alerts: Shroud of Turin

Since “The Linen God” is based on the Shroud of Turin, I set a Google alert a year ago to let me know when new articles and blog postings hit the web relating to it. I’ve noticed a dramatic uptick in the recent month, leading me to believe interest in this amazing icon is increasing. I’d love …

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Jesus crucified in a “Y” position?

New analysis of the Shroud of Turin suggests it could be a medeival forgery. The theory follows the logic that whoever created it thought crucifixion involved the hands being nailed above the head because of blood flow. Of course, traditional “T” crucifixion would also involve blood flowing down the victim’s arms with the body slumping on the cross, …

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Shroud image from an earthquake??

A major plot point in “The Linen God” was a theory proposed by physics student and seminarian, Manny Lusum. In an attempt to prove the Shroud of Turin was actually the burial cloth wrapped around Jesus’ body after His crucifixion, Manny theorized the formation of Christ’s image on the Shroud came about via a burst of partical radiation caused by a supernatural event, …

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2015 Display of Turin Shroud

The Holy Shroud of Turin will be displayed in the Cathedral of Turin in the Spring of 2015. The Shroud is a piece of linen cloth that wrapped the body of a crucified man, and inexplicably bears his image. According to tradition, it was used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ. The Shroud is …

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Catholic Fiction review by Bonnie Way

Manny Lusum is obsessed with the Shroud of Turin. He’s almost finished his doctoral thesis, which will prove that the Shroud is genuine, when he has the chance to see the Shroud during its visit to New York. Manny’s discovery that the Shroud there is not the original Shroud rocks his world – until he’s …

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