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Great Turnout at the Barnes and Noble in Chesterfield for Jim O’Shea and “the linen god”!

Book signing : Barnes and Noble Chesterfield, MO

          I will be signing copies of my new thriller “The Linen God” Saturday, July 20th  1 – 3pm at the Barnes and Noble in Chesterfield

St. Louis Post Dispatch – July 6, 2013

  “The Linen God” by Jim O’Shea (Wayside Press, 282 pages, $11.44). “I still cannot believe you’re doing your doctoral thesis to prove that old piece of cloth is anything more than an old piece of cloth,” a woman complains to her friend, who’s obsessed with the Shroud of Turin. The mysterious shroud is at the …

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Special Introductory Pricing on “The Linen God” !!

For a limited time, you can receive special introductory pricing on my new thriller, “The Linen God”. See link below for discounted pricing for paperback, Kindle and Nook versions!!   Please share with your friends!

Check out the latest in Doug Peterson’s Underground Railroad series, The Vanishing Woman

The Vanishing Woman.   In 1848, Ellen Craft became invisible.Ellen, a slave from Macon, Georgia, took trains and steamboats north, but the people all around couldn’t see her. They saw only a white man.Ellen Craft’s mother was a slave, but her father was her master, and she had skin as white as his. So she …

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End Time Prophecy – The Final Pope?

Much is written about the famous end-time Biblical prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, John of Patmos (Revelation), etc, but what about a lesser known prophet by the name of St. Malachy? Born in 1094 A.D. in Armagh, Ireland, Saint Malachy (also known as: Maolmhaodhog ua Morgair), was canonized the first Irish Saint in the Catholic Church …

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Dan Brown’s Inferno

  Dan Brown’s new work, “Inferno”, is due out May 14th and, personally,  I can’t wait. I love Brown’s willingness to tackle the complex relationship between religion and science, all in the context of a thriller. His latest work is inspired by Dante’s 14th century epic poem “The Divine Comedy,” and again features fictional Harvard …

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Sindone 2.0

One of the best-known religious artifacts in history, is now an iTunes app.   Sindone 2.0 is the creation of the Haltadefinizione® company based in Novara, Italy, and has been authorized by the Turin Archdiocese and in collaboration with the Diocesan Commission for the Holy Shroud and the Holy Shroud Museum.   This unique application allows …

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Holy Saturday Ostension

From the Vatican website, Pope Francis’ message on the display of the Shroud. OSTENSION OF THE HOLY SHROUD VIDEO MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS Holy Saturday, 30 March 2013 Dear Brothers and Sisters, I join all of you gathered before the Holy Shroud, and I thank the Lord who, through modern technology, offers us …

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Turin Shroud dated to first century!

For centuries, scientists scoffed at biblical accounts of cities and peoples for which there was no historical record or physical evidence. However, over the past 200 years, archaeologists have uncovered proof of the existence of many. Cities previously thought to be fabricated by biblical writers include: Arad Bethel Capernaum Chorazin Dan Ephesus Gaza Gezer Hazor …

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