Sindone 2.0

The first official App dedicated to the Holy Shroud

One of the best-known religious artifacts in history

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, is now an iTunes app.


Sindone 2.0 is the creation of the Haltadefinizione® company based in Novara, Italy, and has been authorized by the Turin Archdiocese and in collaboration with the Diocesan Commission for the Holy Shroud and the Holy Shroud Museum.


This unique application allows the user to examine the Shroud of Turin in detail, providing access to high definition photographic images almost invisible to the naked eye. The digitalization process employed by Haltadefinizione® has also been used on artwork such as the Last Supper by Leonardo, and the most famous paintings by Botticelli. It comprises 1649 snapshots assembled into one single 12 billion pixels image, held in a 72 Gigabytes file, corresponding to the content of 16 DVDs.
For the first time in history, the secrets of the Shroud are available to the whole world , as each detail of the cloth can be magnified and visualized in a way which would otherwise not be possible. For a fee of 3.50 euros, Sindone 2.0 provides an even greater resolution. The free application also includes data sheets covering the history of the Shroud and the many detailed scientific investigations conducted.


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