End Time Prophecy – The Final Pope?

Much is written about the famous end-time Biblical prophecies of Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, John of Patmos (Revelation), etc, but what about a lesser known prophet by the name of St. Malachy?

Born in 1094 A.D. in Armagh, Ireland, Saint Malachy (also known as: Maolmhaodhog ua Morgair), was canonized the first Irish Saint in the Catholic Church by Pope Clement III in 1190 A.D.  He died on November 2, 1148 in Clairvaux, France….just as he had predicted!

While on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1139, the 12th century Irish monk had a prophetic vision for all remaining popes in Church history, using enigmatic phrases to describe each….phrases that proved to be incredibly accurate. In his prophecy, Malachy referred to the 112th and final pope as Petrus Romanus, or “Peter of Rome”.

At first glance, there is no obvious connection between the recently canonized Francis I (the 112th pope) and Petrus Romanus. However, one does not have to look far to find one!

Francis I (the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina), named himself after St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian, or Roman, priest whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone. And, although Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born and raised in Argentina, he is actually the son of Italian parents! Peter the Roman?

Bizarre coincidence? Or is Francis I, in fact, the final pope in Church history? If so, what follows?

My new book, “The Linen God”, examines such a frightening scenario, providing a chilling view of what we could all witness in our lifetimes.


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