The Origin of “the linen god”

Several years ago, a friend of mine invited me to his house to meet an associate of his who had an amazing story about a famous religious artifact. As it turned out, he really did!

The gentlemen overviewed research his organization and others were doing to scientifically prove the Shroud of Turin was, in fact, the burial cloth wrapped around Jesus’ body after his death. For those of you unfamiliar with “The Shroud of Turin”, it is a fourteen by four foot piece of linen bearing the photo-negative image of a crucified man alleged to be Jesus Christ.

I had always assumed the Shroud was a Medieval forgery, based on news articles I had read over the years. As it turns out, the carbon dating testing was flawed and there are a number of distinct physical features of the Shroud image that modern science still cannot explain. Until now.

Learning the truth about this amazing artifact and the science behind it raised a number of questions that are posed in the book’s plot. What if science could prove the Shroud was real? What forces might be at work to keep that fact a secret…and why? After considering these questions and others as well as researching much of the legend surrounding the Shroud’s infamous history, the “Dan Brown ” in me kicked in and the story was born.

the linen god is a thrill ride in the tradition of “Angels and Demons”, posing fascinating questions and even more disturbing possibilities.