Killing Jesus – Bill O’Reilly’s “New Gospel”?

Bill O’Reilly is a very popular, albeit very polarizing figure in American politics. I think it’s also safe to say Mr. O’Reilly is a very effective communicator. However, as is often the case, one’s greatest strength can also prove to be one’s greatest weakness. Mr. O’Reilly may have taken that notion to another level last Sunday, while touting his latest book during his most recent appearance on 60 Minutes.

Mr. O’Reilly’s new book is entitled “Killing Jesus”, the third in a popular trilogy including “Killing Lincoln” and “Killing Kennedy”. In it, he examines Jesus’ crucifixion from a cultural and historical perspective, carefully avoiding religion and faith. But is this possible? Can Jesus be examined in the same, secular fashion as two American presidents?


O’Reilly identifies himself as a Roman Catholic. Having once been a Catholic myself, I know the Church teaches the Bible is the inerrant “Word of God”. However, O’Reilly claims the Bible cannot be taken literally, using several examples in the Gospel’s depiction of Jesus’ death as justification. Apparently, according to Mr. O’Reilly, one is able to pick and choose a version of the truth that suits a particular agenda. In this case, book sales.


What perhaps irked me the most about this interview, was O’Reilly’s claim that he was led by the Holy Spirit to write this book. Could this be the same Holy Spirit that inspired the writers of the original Gospels?


I think not.



Shroud of Turin – Hoax or Proof of the Resurrection???

This amazing speech, delivered by a Jewish man (Barrie Schwortz), is both compelling and provocative.

Check it out!


Interview on CBS – “Great Day St. Louis”

Click link below to see brief interview on local St. Louis CBS affiliate KMOV, dated 9/9/13.


kmov interview – the linen god




Jim’s interview is up! And you can win a free book! Check it out! Missouri Author James O’Shea Welcome to the Book Loft, Jim! Is there a story behind your new release, The Linen God?

Jim’s interview is up! And you can win a free book! Check it out!

Missouri Author James O’Shea
Welcome to the Book Loft, Jim! Is there a story behind your new release, The Linen God?

I had always known of a famous religious relic called the “Shroud of Turin” growing up, but had always thought it was a Medieval forgery. The 14’ long Jewish burial cloth bears the inexplicable image of a crucified man and despite 150,000 hours of scientific study, the source of the image has still not been determined. more at….

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Former Archbishop of Canterbury joins Pope Benedict

dr rowan williams - pope benedict

The former head of the Anglican Church has joined the former head of the Roman Catholic Church in order to refocus scientific attention on the Shroud of Turin. Dr. Rowan Williams has endorsed a movie project on the Shroud of Turin designed to bring it back into the academic domain.

David Wolfe, who is heading up the Shroud Affair movie project, said: “For a long time the few trying to reconcile the conflict between the mass of data that supports the genuine antiquity of the Shroud and the single, suspect C14 test that has overshadowed it have felt as if we have been crying in the wilderness. To have Dr. Williams’ public endorsement and practical support for The Shroud Affair campaign and what it represents is a significant step forward. When will other academics have the courage to revisit this subject? If the image was purported to be a pharaoh or any another character from ancient history, academia would not rest until it had fathomed the nature of the image. As it is, the Shroud’s image remains a total mystery. What are they afraid of?

Dan Brown brought public attention to DaVinci’s Last Supper and the Knights Templar with his blockbuster “The DaVinci Code”. Let’s hope movie like Shroud Affair and books like The Linen God can do the same with the Shroud of Turin.

“The Linen God” in Egypt!


“The Linen God” in Egypt!

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St. Louis Post Dispatch – July 28, 2013

“The Linen God” ranked #3 for week ending July 21. (Independent bookstore sales).


Edessa Cloth = Shroud of Turin ??






Could the Edessa cloth and the Shroud of Turin be one in the same?  The first historical reference to the Shroud of Turin was its public exhibition in 1355 in Lirey, France, by French knight Geoffrey de Charny. The cloth became the property of the House of Savoy, Italy’s royal family, in 1453, and remained their legal possession until 1986 when it was bequeathed to Pope John Paul II and his successors upon the death of Umberto II of Savoy. In 1578 the relic was moved to Turin, Italy, and, apart from being moved into hiding during World War II, has remained in Turin ever since.

Prior to 1389, however, the Shroud’s history is somewhat nebulous. There are many references to ”a shroud” being kept in different places by different people but historical records dating back to at least the 6th century refer to a cloth (not specifically a burial cloth) with an imprint of Jesus. This particular cloth had been taken to Edessa [now in Eastern Turkey] back in the first century AD and, according to legend, was instrumental in converting the king of that city, Abgar, to Christianity, shortly after the crucifixion of Christ.

That specific cloth dropped out of history, but apparently reappeared in the 6th century when it was discovered hidden within the walls of the Edessa city gates. It was immediately hailed as being a miraculously imprinted likeness of Jesus and became the basis for Jesus’ image by many artists at the time.

In 944, the Edessa Cloth was removed from the city by the armies of Emperor Romanus I of Constantinople. It remained in Constantinople until 1204, when Crusaders sacked the city. There is no record of the Edessa Cloth after that point until the cloth that would become known as the Shroud of Turin turned up in the possession of Geoffrey de Charny in the 1350s. Charny was a direct descendent of one of the knights of that crusade.

Although the evidence is purely circumstantial, many believe the Edessa Cloth and the Shroud of Turin are one and the same.